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about what goes into our smoothies!

  • At MAD Nutrition and Smoothies, we’re obsessed with bringing you the best in health and flavor. We meticulously select top-quality ingredients, from custom protein powders to exotic super fruits from the Amazon. Each smoothie is a blend of fresh, nutritious elements, crafted with care to offer both taste and health benefits. We believe good nutrition fuels your day and lifts your spirits. Here’s to our amazing customers, health enthusiasts, busy professionals, and fitness fanatics alike. Join us on this delicious journey, celebrating fresh ingredients and you, our incredible customers!

    - Mike & Buffy DeLisi

brands we carry

.. Custom Protein blend ..

quality Ingredients

Helps to curb your cravings

Protein stimulates the release of peptide YY making it easier to control your appetite.

smooth texture

These high-quality protein powders dissolve quickly and uniformly, ensuring a creamy and enjoyable beverage every time.

help Feed your muscles

Providing the necessary amino acids to repair and rebuild muscle tissue damaged during exercise.

Clean Ingredients Only

ensures you're getting a pure source of essential nutrients without unnecessary additives or fillers.

"Awesome place for protein shakes and smoothies. You can even pick up meal prep here if you want something healthy on the go. The protein donut I had today is so good! Plan on trying different ones all week!"

Casey Schomaker

"Great smoothies and food. Workers and owner very nice and extremely helpful definitely a great recommend place for sure!!"

Ed Jones

"Best smoothies I’ve ever had and great service."

Kay Ennis